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The story behind Homer and Cristina's teaching philosophy...

09 May 2011 11:20 AM | Homer G Ladas (Administrator)
Our full organic tango philosophy is displayed in our About Us section (under Our Philosophy).  Here's the essence of it:

    No one owns the tango,
    but we own our own dancing.

    Respect and learn from the past,
    dance in the present,
    and allow the future unfold...

Organic Tango Thoughts:
The concept of organic tango started as a small kernel of thought long before we made respective career transitions to become full-time tango teachers.  On the path to our own tango self-actualization, we discovered that each of us are responsible for discovering the true dancer within. 

After many years of teaching, we realized that the broad use of categorical tango styles, while helpful to the novice social dancer, can become a stumbling block to the more intermediate dancer trying to find their own style.

Application to Teaching...
The basic premise behind the organic tango philosophy is to enable each individual dancer to reach their highest level of self-expression and stylistic interpretation while positively integrating themselves into a healthy community.  Note that 'organic tango' is not a style itself and only resides as a philosophy.

To that extent, The Organic Tango School is the embodiment of this philosophy into a concrete teaching pedagogy.  The essentials of this learning process have been distilled into four branches of tango awareness:

1.  Awareness of Self
2.  Awareness of Partner
3.  Awareness of Music
4.  Awareness of Surroundings

In order to attain a high level of 'social tango dance-ability', and ultimately to 'find your own style', the student of the organic tango philosophy and process must constantly develop and refine each of these four branches of awareness.
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