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Where did my training come from?

26 Sep 2011 8:04 PM | Homer G Ladas (Administrator)

Today I received an interesting and simple email inquiring about my tango training (from a tango enthusiast named Michael).  It was a moment of reflection and that I thought I should capture in this blog.  Here's my reply:

Michael, here's the real short answer:  I studying with many folks and practiced with many other folks. 

Slightly longer explanation:  I took the road of learning a little from everyone so I could take what works best for me and incorporate it into my own personal style.  I don't follow the broad and categorical marketing view of tango styles (although some folks try to place me in one or two of these bins).  This has been a 15 year process and I'm still learning and changing... 

If you'd like actual names of teachers and practice partners you'd have to spend an afternoon with me while I go through the rather long list.

Hope this helps, hugs, Homer ;)

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